dogssup (dogssup) wrote in maturelesbians,

Horse cock for me

These days I've been far too busy to go out to the farm, see the horses, ride, and play with their giant cocks and twitching vagina's. So Sunday was a really special day for me. I will give you all bits and pieces as if you were dreaming it happened to you. seem him there alongside the sweet grasses, eating peacefully, powerful stallion. see his huge prick all alone with nobody to love it, kiss it, suck it gently

.....He sees you and becomes hard, you are his Mare.

...your butt was his vagina weeks ago, he remembers how good this felt, but today you have a different idea of pleasure for your stallion master

.....his lusty balls hang perfectly, but you grab as much as you can inside your mouth, between your lips, as your flick your tongue inside the folds....

------ his horse sounds are becoming louder -------- it's like those epileptic thunderstorms you always heard about somewhere in the mid west but never experienced ------- you feel his weight, but he loves you, you are in no harm here.....or are you? Be careful.....he loves when you suck
------- on that swollen cockhead

------------You suck on his balls even you slide your hand up and down his shaft

big enough of a cock to make the biggest man pathetic, so honor his cock with your hands, tongue, and mouth....

never stop until he cums pints of stallion jizz in your mouth

swallow, swallow, let it happy

you pleasured a stallion.
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