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Hello Mature Lesbians!

Hi Carmen, Suzen, Kelly, Jules and everyone whose name I haven't learned yet. Swassup?

Today I ate a salad, so I felt mature. I usually say I don't like vegetables. It was good. Dressing makes the salad to me. I got this Chipotle Ranch dressing...

Say, this is dull! What shall we talk about to jazz this place up? How 'bout those taboo subjects for polite conversation: religion and politics?

I'm actually Catholic. Because I like it. I hate many of the stupid stances of the Church leadership right now. Gay abstinence, no gay priests, no female priests, no divorce, no birth Control, for starters. And I deplore the violent history of the crusades, the witch hunts. I don't believe in killing people for any religion. But for me, spiritually I love the ritual and the traditions of it. And right now since I am able to worship in a church with like-minded, liberal Catholics and a totally cool priest. I am very happy with it. I can't stand Ratzinger though. Ugh. My fave popes are John Paul I, and John XXIII. What religions are y'all?

Politics...I voted for Nader in 2000, which had no effect since I live in Massachusetts. In '04 I supported Kucinich in the primary, but voted for Kerry in the election. I would like to see Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama run. I go to the occasional anti-war protest, for all the good it does. I have very mixed feelings about abortion. I've been raised to be a knee-jerk liberal and believe that the woman's right to choose is the most important thing, but I can't help feeling it's wrong. I have friends who foam at the mouth though if I tell them that so I hope y'all won't drum me out of maturelesbians for it.

Well that ought to be enough to engender some debate. What say you?
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