Windi (sagefemme11) wrote in maturelesbians,

Beautiful Women,

Thought I'd save my intro post for an auspicious moment, and the turning of a new year certainly qualifies.

I am joining you here as a woman of 38 years, gradually maturing into the woman I want to be as I enter my older years. I live in NYC with my three children, ages 13, 10, and 9, in our old house beside the East River in Queens. My life partner and I live our days deeply in love and work and child-rearing and home maintenance and cat upkeep and gardening adventures. We also belly-laugh all the time at ourselves and the silliness that is human folly in our day and age.

I am wishing all of you here a very joy-filled New Year. Looking forward to hearing your voices and being an active member of this community.

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